Ezyjack Mini and Competition Barbell Jacks

Ezyjack. The lightweight, strong, stable, easy-to-use mini deadlift jack. Lift any standard barbell with any weight loaded on the sleeves. Yes, any weight, no matter how big or small you may be.

Ezyjack Mini

The original Ezyjack: a super lightweight, compact, strong, stable mini jack able to elevate any barbell up to 40mm in diameter (standard barbells are 25-29mm Ø). Barbells loaded with 25kg plates up to and beyond 500kg can be lifted and set in a stable position so that weight plates can be easily loaded or unloaded. The "lightweight heavyweight" mini deadlift jack weighs only 1.25kg making it easy to use, transport and store, even in the smallest home gym.

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Ezyjack Competition

Want to lift a fully loaded barbell in one move but a standard barbell jack is big, heavy, awkward to handle and bulky to store?
That's where the Ezyjack Competition model shines. Weighing only 6.05kg, the Comp can be quickly broken down into 4 pieces. Store it under your dumbbell rack, in the corner, in a cupboard, on a shelf or hang it on the wall. Throw it into a bag or the back of your car.
Dont let it's light weight and slim profile fool you. This jack can easily lift a barbell loaded with 500kg or more. So if you want the speed and convenience of a standard barbell jack, the Ezyjack Competition is ready to serve.

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Ezyjack: The "Lightweight Heavyweight" Mini and Competition Deadlift Jacks

It's not over until the weight hits the floor.

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