Ezyjack Competition model in action. Prototype only.

Super easy, minimal effort needed, super lightweight, able to be used with ease by any person of any bodyweight, no foot leverage assistance necessary, stable, strong, designed to lift a standard barbell loaded to maximum capacity, or any weight up to that. Wide base allows barbell to be loaded with 65-70kg on one end without flicking up the barbell.

Lifting and lowering a barbell loaded with 400kg. Minimal effort to move a deadlift weight that only a few elite lifters would ever attempt. No swinging with your bodyweight. No extra leverage needed using your foot. No struts, levers, arms or footplates in the middle of the jack to get in your way.

Even a child can manipulate this massive weight using the Ezyjack Competition model.

Additional images show a barbell originally loaded with 380kg being unloaded with just one plate balancing the entire weight at the opposite end.