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Your Privacy: website

No information you enter into this website is stored on our server.

No cookies are used.

You don't have to create an account or login.

No personal information you enter is stored in any way.

Nothing is stored in "the cloud".

Any autofill data is entered from the browser you use, not from our server. Autofill can be turned off (or on) in your browser settings, which is outside of our control.

Your image collection from the gallery, and/or lightbox collection from the stock library, are stored in your browser on the device you used. This means that you can only access your collection or lightbox in the same browser you used to create them and on the same device on which you created them. You cannot access them in a different browser or on the same browser on a different device.

You can create a new image collection or lightbox in a different browser or device, but they are not shared between devices or browsers.

This might be a little inconvenient but assures complete security and privacy.

If you delete or clear your browsing data, you will delete all image collections.

Your browser may delete your collection or lightbox if a technical issue arises or if the browser needs more memory space. This is a very rare occurrence and may never happen. However, this is outside of our control. Therefore we cannot take responsibility for you losing your data if that occurs.

Any payment information you enter in the PayPal fields, including PayPal account or credit card information, is used exclusively by PayPal and is never recorded or stored in any way on our server. Therefore, we cannot access, change or delete payments but you can cancel a payment by contacting PayPal.

All order information, including your contact information, is sent to us via email. If you have any queries regarding your order, contact me via the Contact page or at kelvinaitkenphoto@gmail.com

Your Privacy: mobile/tablet apps

None of our apps have privacy issues.

Nothing is stored outside of the app, sent elsewhere, stored offline or in any way used by anyone other than yourself.

Any information that is entered, saved or recorded is stored solely in the apps local storage, or equivalent, and as such is only accessed by that particular app inside your device and is not exchanged or shared with any other device, even though it may be owned by you and synced or linked to your device that contains the app.

Data is not shared with any other copies of the app you may have on other devices, whether owned by you or not.

Our apps do not store any writing/text, images, videos, sound recordings or any other input either made by you or incidentally created by your device unless you specifically request your input to be saved.

In that case, you will be asked to allow access by the app, which you can refuse.

If an app recieves input by you, it is never sent elsewere or stored elsewhere and never shared with any 3rd party or other app.

Any data you request to be stored by any of our mobile/tablet apps may be deleted by your device's operating system at any time, depending on a number of factors dictated by your device. This is outside our control. We cannot restore or provide backups of your data as nothing is ever sent to, or saved/stored by, us.

Deletion of your saved data usually occurs if the storage exceeds a given amount or if the app is not used for a period of time. Those factors are dictated by your device and operating system, not by our apps.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us using our Contact page or at kelvinaitkenphoto@gmail.com

Clown Anglerfish (Antennarius maculatus) showing yawning threat posture and extended illicium lure.